Station History


In 1991 the San Francisco Police Department created a temporary task force to combat rising crime rates and the consequential decline of the quality of life in the Tenderloin District.

On April 1, 1991, sixty-nine officers, working out of the Hall of Justice, were assigned to the newly created Tenderloin Task Force (TTF). Soon, a temporary location was set up in the basement of the former Hibernia Bank building at #1 Jones Street. The TTF’s presence had an immediate result in the neighborhood. Comprising less than 5% of the police force, TTF officers were soon making over 20% of all arrests in the city over a period of a year.

The TTF has initiated many police innovations. The TTF officers, Lt. Michael McNeill and Sgt. Kenneth Sugrue, were among the earliest proponents of community policing, instituting many programs to foster a working relationship between the community and the Police Department. The Department’s first bicycle patrol beats began with the TTF.

Strong community support led the Department to designate the TTF as a permanent unit in 1995. The City’s Real Estate Department began a search for the new Tenderloin Station. Based upon building design, location, square footage, and available parking, the Department chose a preferred site at 301 – 315 Eddy Street.

After much hard work and with the strong support of Mayor Willie Brown, Jr., funding to purchase and renovate the building was placed in the City’s Fiscal Year 1998-99 Capital Improvements Budget. The property was purchased in November, 1998. Construction began after design work was completed.