Member Biographies

The Tenderloin Community Police Advisory Board is comprised of a group of resident, business, and service provider volunteers who live and/or work in the Tenderloin. It's members are respected stakeholders in the Tenderloin and are knowledgeable about conditions in their communities. The Board strives for diversity, including that of thought and point of view,  to ensure that the makeup of the CPAB accurately reflects all communities that make up the Tenderloin.

Brian Sheehy

Position: CEO of Future Bars Companies


 Brian Sheehy has been involved in the Tenderloin District for over a decade. Prior to establishing Future Bars, he spent many years as an executive at Marriott Hotels and in the Tenderloin he was the Director of Sales at Kimpton's Hotel Monaco and Serrano Hotel. In 2002 his Future Bars company opened "Swig Bar" on Geary Street, "Bourbon & Branch" in 2006, and "Tradition" in 2012. In that time as a small business owner in the district he has witnessed significant improvements in quality of life issues for residents, workers and visitors of the Tenderloin. The Tenderloin has been a great place for Mr. Sheehy's growing business and as a CPAB member of the Tenderloin, he is committed to improving public safety and the environmental appearance for all stakeholders of the district. 

Timothy Paul Svoboda

Position: YWAM. YWAM San Francisco and Bay area Coordinator


Tim and Karol Svoboda moved to San Francisco in 2007 after living 25 years in Chennai India where they started YWAM which continues to have a diversity of services from suicide prevention to rehabilitation of street kids, empowering leprosy victims and micro enterprises for women to  name a few. Tim has his earned his doctorate in Transformational Leadership for the Global City and is an ordained Christian minister. He and his wife coordinate the work of YWAM across the Bay area and specifically oversee the day to day operations of YWAM in the Tenderloin where they are also residents of the neighborhood. Tim is not only fond of the neighborhood but loves the California redwood trees.  He is glad that the Tenderloin has a  Redwood tree in the neighborhood and he will let you figure out where that is which happens to be one of his favorite places in all of San Francisco! If you don’t know…ask him and let him tell you about one of the hidden jewels of San Francisco right in our neighborhood of the Tenderloin. 

Elizabeth Orlin

Position: Chief Operating Officer of Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC)


Liz Orlin has been the Chief Operating Officer of Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC) since 2006. TNDC is a non-profit housing and community development organization whose mission is to provide affordable housing and services for low-income people in the Tenderloin and throughout San Francisco, to promote equitable access to opportunity and resources.  At TNDC, Liz oversees the departments of Community Organizing, Human Resources, Property Management, Tenant Services and Administration. Prior to joining TNDC, she served as Associate Director for the California Program of the Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) in Oakland, a national intermediary focused on promoting supportive housing. She also served as Program Officer and Assistant Program Officer from 1998 through early 2003. Liz received her Master of Public Health degree from Columbia University and her Master of Social Work degree from New York University. 

Shelton Yee

Position: Director of Operations at The Salvation Army San Francisco Ray and Joan Kroc Center/Railton Place.


Shelton Yee is a native San Franciscan, lived his entire life here. Parents owned and operated a restaurant in the Tenderloin during the late 1950's and early 1960's where as a child, Shelton has served as a busboy and dishwasher. Shelton has a graduate degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, been a San Francisco small business owner, and a city employee. For the last twenty four years, he has worked for The Salvation Army throughout the Bay Area dealing with family social services, children programs, shelters and housing programs. He has worked or volunteered in the Tenderloin for over 15 years. Currently, Shelton is the Director of Operations of The Salvation Army San Francisco Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center and The Railton Place Transitional and Permanent Housing Program.

Dina Hilliard

Position: Executive Director, Tenderloin Safe Passage 


Dina is a 15 year resident of the Tenderloin neighborhood. She first came to the Tenderloin, from Chicago to work as an elementary school teacher, and is the Executive Director of Safe Passage. From 2008-2014 Dina was the Executive Director at North of Market/Tenderloin Community Benefit District. Dina works collaboratively with many groups, agencies, and residents in the neighborhood on community-based safety initiatives projects such as the Take Back Operations.  She can often be found at the Civic Center Playground with her husband and one-year old daughter.   Dina loves drinking coffee, eating chocolate ice-cream, and helping her community become a safer and cleaner place for all to enjoy. 

Mike Anderer

Position: Vice President for Mission Advancement at De Marillac Academy


In his third year at De Marillac, Mike Anderer has worked in education almost 25 years.  Mr. “A.” formerly served as President and Executive Director of San Miguel School in Chicago, with previous roles there including the positions of Principal, Campus Director, and Director of Community Outreach.  He also co-founded the San Miguel School in Camden, following positions as a high school teacher, Campus Minister, and coach in Philadelphia and New Jersey.  Mike became involved in community policing as a community organizer in Camden, New Jersey.  In Chicago, he served as a Resident Beat Facilitator as well as a member of the District 9 Community Advisory Council.  A long-time athlete, Mike co-coordinated the Spoke-N-Word Cross Country Bike Ride and was also a three time national crew champion in college; yet at present he finds raising his two active elementary-age children, Jack and Clare, his greatest endurance race of all.  

Doug gary

Position: Director of Delivering Innovation in Supportive Housing (DISH)


Doug is honored to Chair the TL’s Community Police Advisory Board and is deeply committed to public safety and social justice. He co-founded DISH in 2006 because he believes that everyone deserves a home. Prior to DISH, Doug worked at Corporation for Supportive Housing, the Harm Reduction Coalition, Street Outreach Services and a number of arts organization in a previous career. Doug has called the Bay Area home since 1994 and loves it. With your help, a safe, thriving Tenderloin and the end of homelessness are possible! 

Rita headshot 2014.jpg

Rita Shimmin

Position: Co-Executive Director at GLIDE


Prior to her role as Co-Executive Director, Ms. Shimmin served as GLIDE’s Vice President of Organizational Integration (VPOI). As VPOI, Rita led GLIDE in the creation of its Core Values and Community Cultural Agreements, the foundational philosophies from which every branch of GLIDE functions. Rita also heads the development of staff trainings in the areas of cultural competence, personal transformation, and leadership development. Prior to her tenure as VPOI, Rita served as Associate Executive Director and was in charge of all Foundation programs including Health Services; Family, Youth and Childcare Services; Training and Education Services; the Free Meals Program and Urgent Care Services.  She has worked within educational institutions at all levels – with kindergarteners and university management teams – and with business entities, including community-based non-profits and national investment firms.


Simon Lewis

Position: CEO at Dataway


Simon is the CEO of Dataway, an engineering services firm that specializes in the design, implementation and support of enterprise network security infrastructures.  Dataway was founded in San Francisco in 1994. In 2013, Dataway moved their offices from the edge of the Tenderloin at Golden Gate and Van Ness closer to the heart of the Tenderloin on Golden Gate between Leavenworth and Hyde. Simon is originally from Dublin, Ireland and has lived in San Francisco for over 30 years.   Simon joined CPAB with the goal of giving back to the city that has been so good to him.  As an immigrant who has raised his family in San Francisco he is committed to helping make the Tenderloin a safe community for all its residents and workers.