File a Report

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There are several ways in which you can make a police report. Many reports can be made online as long as they are not in progress or there is no known suspect. If you are dealing with any of the following, we encourage you to click on the link and make a report.

Harassing Phone Calls: When you are experiencing annoying calls - with no known suspects; for example, hang-ups or heavy breathing.

Lost Property: When property has disappeared and not stolen. If you think it could have been taken but you have no idea by who, you may enter the report online.

Theft: When property is stolen but there has been no illegal entry or contact by the thief.

Vandalism/Graffiti: The act of changing, modifying or defacing public or private property, including graffiti.

Vehicle Burglary: When property was stolen from a vehicle.

Vehicle Tampering: Tampering with a motor vehicle, including vandalism/graffiti of the vehicle.

File a report with the Office of Citizen Complaints: If you believe that the conduct of an employee was inappropriate, you may request to speak to a supervisor at any police station and /or request an OCC (Office of Citizens Complaints) form. If you are unable to pick up a form from any of the ten police district stations, you may call OCC (415) 241-7711 to request a form to be mailed to you.