Tenderloin Police Station

Station Investigation Team (SIT)

Station Investigation Teams or SIT Teams in the San Francisco Police Department are responsible for investigating a wide variety of crimes.  Cases range from assaults, burglaries and carjackings to robberies, shoplifting and weapons violations. 

The SIT Teams follow up on investigations that are not pursued by one of the Departments specialized investigative units, such as Homicide, Gang Task Force and the Major Accident Investigation Team.  The investigators of the San Francisco Police Departments Special Victims Unit (SVU) investigate crimes that involve children, the elderly and victims of sexual assault or domestic violence.

SIT investigations, usually take place after the initial incident report is completed, typically by a uniformed officer in the field.  Once the report is reviewed by a field supervisor, it is routed to the SIT team Lieutenant for potential assignment.  The Lieutenant then assigns the case to one of the station investigators for further work. 

The Sergeants and Inspectors follow up on existing evidence and develop new evidence by conducting interviews, reviewing video and or serving search warrants.  The goal of the investigation is to identify a suspect or suspects.  When suspects are identified, the investigator prepares an arrest warrant and delivers it to the District Attorney’s office so a criminal case can be filed in court. 

At Tenderloin Station, the SIT Team is made up of one lieutenant, 8 investigators (Sergeants and an Inspector) and one video retrieval officer.

Prepared by Sgt. B. Obot #267

Tenderloin Station Tip Line 415-929-9446

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Through computers with Internet capability, SFPD Operations personnel will view all tips received 24/7 and evaluate each one. If the tip is of an emergency nature, personnel will forward it immediately to the Department of Emergency Management for officer dispatch. They will forward all other tips for assignment to the appropriate investigative bureau or district station. Investigative units will have an Internet-capable computer at their disposal and will be able to text back and forth with the tipster based on a randomly assigned ID number that the system, provided by Citizen Observer, Inc., supplies. The ID number is wholly confidential and is maintained in the company's server.

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