Safety Tips 

Commercial Robbery Prevention Strategies

Every business owner, manager and employee plays a part in making businesses safe. Here are some things you can do to help prevent robbery:

· Have at least two employees open and close the business.

· Keep purses and personal valuables locked in desks or lockers.

· Place a surveillance camera behind the cash register facing the front counter. Replace videotapes regularly.

· Install a robbery alarm.

· Try to greet customers as they enter your business. Look them in the eye, and ask them if they need help. Your attention can discourage a robber.                                                                                                                               

· Keep your business well-lit, inside and outside. Employees should report any burned-out lights to the business owner or manager. Keep trees and bushes trimmed, so they don't block any outdoor lights.

 If a Commercial Robbery should occur:

· Call the police and remain on the line.

· Lock your business.

· Ask any witnesses to stay until the police arrive.

· Don't touch anything the robber may have touched.

· Call your business owner, manager, or other designated person.



Auto Burglary Prevention Strategies

Auto break-ins usually have one thing in common: there's something left in the car worth stealing. Here are some tips to reduce the odds of you and your vehicle becoming another statistic.  

· Do not leave ANY personal or valuable items inside a vehicle. If you must, put them in the trunk or at least out of sight prior to arriving at your destination.

· Do not leave items with personal information in your vehicle. 

· Consider taking your garage door opener with you after exiting your vehicle.

· Never leave portable electronic devices in a vehicle. 

· Lock doors and windows every time you leave your vehicle, even if it’s parked in front of your home. 

·If you are the victim of an auto burglary report it to the police as soon as possible.

The San Francisco Police Department remains committed to the reduction and prevention  of auto burglaries. We hope the information we have provided will enhance our already strong connection with the Tenderloin community.


Robbery Prevention

With an unfortunate amount of street robberies occurring in major cities throughout the nation, there are a few simple steps people can follow to help reduce the possibility of becoming a victim:

1)     Use all of your senses to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Pay close attention to suspicious activity and people. Carry yourself with confidence and be alert.

2)     Avoid using headphones, cell phones, and iPods in public. These limit your ability to be aware of what is going on around you. Additionally, thieves target these items for theft.

3)     Whenever possible, travel in pairs or with a group. Be where people are. Walk in well lit areas avoiding dark environments. Scan the area before entering and exiting your vehicle and home.

4)     Limit the amount valuables that you carry.

5)     If you are the victim of theft, stay calm. Call 9-1-1 as soon as you are able.